Monday, 22 June 2009

Speaker #2

Results of round 1:

John Bercow 179
George Young 112
Margaret Beckett 74
Alan Haselhurst 66
Alan Beith 55
Ann Widdecombe 44

Eliminated are: Parmjit Dhanda (26), Richard Shepherd (15), Patrick Cormack (13) and Michael Lord (9)

We now have ten minutes to see if anyone drops out, otherwise a second round of voting.

[PS Do I get a bonus point for correctly predicting the first four to drop out??]


Thomas said...

Got here through Political Betting and yes, I think you do get a brownie point for correctly guessing the first four to drop out.

Nice to see the event from an MPs perspective.

Caron said...

Good call, Steve, although I thought that Dhanda deserved more than 26 votes. Good that he told people to vote for Alan Beith as being the other real reformer.

I was completely unimpressed than Bercow, a huge disappointment and to be honest, if it were me I'd go for George Young if Alan gets knocked out.

Anonymous said...