Saturday, 6 June 2009

Could this be the Cabinet that never meets?

At 10pm on Thursday the minister I shadow in Parliament, James Purnell, announced his resignation. For a few hours it looked as though the dam had broken, other frontline ministers would follow suit, and the Prime Minister would have to go. But, after a night's sleep, the major potential successors to Gordon Brown each decided that they didn't want to be the one to push him over the edge. By the end of that day Gordon Brown had just about managed to form a cabinet (though how you must feel as a Labour MP that he has repeatedly had to turn unelected people into Lords to get enough quality to fill a Cabinet?) and the consensus was that he had survived.

But tomorrow night we get the European election results and they are universally expected to be bad for Labour. I strongly suspect we may have no Labour MEP in our region - the South West - which is pretty extraordinary for the governing party. If the results are grim this will give fresh momentum to the Labour rebels to get together a list of names to produce on Monday. If that list is long enough, even the stubborn Prime Minister will surely realise he has to go. The Cabinet appointed yesterday might never get to meet. Let's hope they don't all pick up redundancy payments if the new leader doesn't reappoint them....

If there is a Labour leadership election it would be outrageous if there was not then an immediate General Election. Changing the Prime Minister once without consulting the British people is bad enough, but doing it twice would be an outrage.

The slogan: "Gordon Brown - five more years" is one I think most advertising agencies would struggle with. I reckon his time is up.


Cardinal Richelieu's mole said...

Why is this - "If there is a Labour leadership election it would be outrageous if there was not then an immediate General Election" - the received wisdom of the political classes?

It might be nice - and a GE is overdue now - so there are reasons. But given no fresh policies, just a change in personalities (and note few remain from the cabinet formed post the 2005 election), and the fact a GE must be held within the year anyway, why the outrage just from there being a fresh PM?

Kalvis Jansons said...

Join 65,000 others in one big push to get rid of Mr Brown: