Monday, 22 January 2007

Yet more NHS reform

Tonight at 10pm we vote on a new local government bill which, among other things, abolishes the Patient and Public Involvement Forums which are supposed to provide some local accountability in the NHS. But these PPIFs were only created a few years ago as the replacement for Community Health Councils which had just been abolished. Now we are going to have yet another set- up - LINKs or "local involvement networks" - to provide local public involvement with the NHS. You have to wonder how long it will be before these are also abolished!

Not only does all this change take a huge amount of time and money, but it must demoralise the very members of the public and patients on whom the whole process depends. If you were on a CHC and then got involved in a PPIF, would you real want to be part of LINK??

I'm thinking of standing at the next election on a platform of "vote for me and I'll leave things alone for a while" - what do you reckon?

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Bob Deed said...

I'm not clear on the rationale for all the changes in the structures of patient and public involvement. But it should be recognised that foundation trusts (and their roll out across the NHS) plus a growing role for social enterprises create great opportunities for patients and communities to have a say alongside the politicians and professionals.

I don't think a "vote for me and I'll leave things alone for a while" platform will work for the NHS generally. It needs more reform - not populism.