Wednesday, 17 January 2007

My 3 minutes of fame

Political anoraks will know that Channel 4 don't broadcast party political broadcasts in the same way as the other channels. But they do from time to time broadcast a 'political slot' just after Channel 4 News. I did one of these very short programmes (about 3 minutes of air time) a few years back on the issue of justice in women's pensions, and my office was swamped with feedback. We probably had over 1000 letters.

Tomorrow I'm recording another programme, this time based in my constituency. It's going to be about MPs using e-mail to keep in touch with constituents. I'm going to be highlighting the fact that whilst lots of young people don't vote (3 out of 5 under 25s at the last election), almost all young people text/e-mail/do things on the internet that I'm too old to understand. I'll be explaining how I consult over 5,000 of my constituents by e-mail from time to time (sign up on my website - - if you live in Northavon!) and will also be interviewing three members of the group, including a teenager and a local resident in her eighties.

I don't yet know when it will be broadcast, but I'm told a million people might see it - mainly people who forgot to turn over after Channel 4 news or who've turned over early for the next programme. I won't let the fame go to my head!


Presley the dog said...

I shall be sure to "tune in" but whilst I hink it great that you are trying to get the young people interested in local affairs, I trust you will keep your promise of not letting the fame go to your head and the next time I see you, it's on, wearing a hoody with a baseball cap on backwards, rapping policies in the mistaken belief that we are as young as we feel :)
Break a leg :)

Anonymous said...

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